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Change of Garden Locks and Keys to Edwardes Square Garden

We will, at last, be changing the locks and keys as first approved by the AGM in January 2020 and ratified in January this year.

The change will now take place on the 28th of April, and we are delivering an information pack to all residents to tell you what is involved and to make the exercise as simple as possible for you. However, the need for security for those using the Garden and to comply with the Bye-laws, mean that we have to make checks to avoid issuing a key to anyone not entitled to have one.

The information pack includes copies of the Bye-laws and the relevant part of the Rules governing the issue of new keys for the changeover, from which you will see that everyone is required to pay a deposit of £100 for their key. Further details of deposits and, where relevant, administration fees are set out in the rules, which were agreed after full discussion of the principles and amounts involved at the January 2020 AGM.

Before the actual changeover, we are going to have 2 separate sessions in the Garden to enable people to get their new keys in advance, to avoid any interruption of access. These sessions are on Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th April, 14.00- 19.00.

To get a new key, as well as paying the refundable deposit, by card, cheque or cash, the minimum checks necessary mean that you will have to show us the original of your current Council Tax bill and give us a hardcopy of it for our retention and show us photo ID to prove that you are the person paying the Council Tax. The new keys will be numbered.

If, for some reason, you are unable to attend either session, you may authorise someone else, using the nominee authorization form enclosed in the pack to collect the key for you, and they will be given one provided that they present the completed authorization form, your current Council Tax Bill with a hard copy for our retention, and your photo ID as well as their own, and they pay the deposit on your behalf.

If you are a tenant, as opposed to a freeholder or leaseholder, your landlord may be paying the Council Tax, but will be getting it back from you, perhaps indirectly, through your rent. In those circumstances, you will need to bring a copy of the current council Tax bill for your premises for us to keep, and be able to show us your current tenancy agreement and photo ID.

If you are still unable to attend, or send an authorised person, please contact Angela Ralli at explaining why you cannot comply and, if possible, putting forward any suggestions as to how you might be able to comply with the requirements to get a key.

Finally, can you please read the documents in the information pack which fully explain the scheme and sets out your duty of care in respect of any key issued to you. There are also blank copies of the receipt that will need to be completed before you get your key. Please read it in advance, so that you can clearly understand the requirements.

We hope that all will go smoothly, including having fine weather, but it will only succeed with the help of everyone attending.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible over the 2 sessions.

The Edwardes Square Garden Subcommittee.


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