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Notice Covid 19 Restrictions

The ESGSC are seeking to reopen the children’s’ play area at the earliest opportunity recognising the wish of many families to continue to provide this facility. However as the ESGSC is a not for profit organisation they are sadly unable to fulfil at the current time all the detailed management guidance set out in the updated 28th January 2021 UK. Government Covid 19 guidance requirements for managing playgrounds.

As soon as the Government guidance changes to make this possible, we will reopen the children’s play area.

In the meantime we are pleased to announce that the ESGSC has decided, in the light of the improving trend in Covid cases, to lift the restriction on children’s scooters (below the age of 8 years) which was imposed during lockdown.

We are of course keen to ensure Edwardes Square continues to have attractive facilities for all its residents but am sure residents appreciate our need to follow current UK Government guidelines with respect to the play area.

The Edwardes square Garden Sub Committee (ESGSC)


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